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R. Kelly convicted on racketeering and sex trafficking charges

Beck Bennett leaving 'Saturday Night Live'

"Saturday Night Live" player Beck Bennett announced his departure from the show on Monday, leaving behind his his impressions of Russian President Vladimir Putin and former Vice President Mike Pence.

Kelly Rowland is trying to make it through the pandemic too

Like many of us, Kelly Rowland's six-year-old son Titan has an itch to travel.

See who won at the Tony Awards

Broadway is back and the 74th Tony Awards will finally be presented Sunday after long delay due to the pandemic.

Kelly Price says she almost died from Covid-19

Singer Kelly Price has broken her silence after her family said she was missing following her announcement she had contracted Covid-19.

Cheryl Burke says she's tested positive for Covid

Cheryl Burke has tested positive with a breakthrough case of Covid-19, she revealed on Instagram.

Rolling Stones pay tribute to Charlie Watts as they finally kick off US tour

The Rolling Stones have marked their first concert without late drummer Charlie Watts with an emotional onstage tribute.

'The Last of Us' first look

"The Last of Us" first look is here.

5 revelations from CNN's Britney Spears special report

Britney Spears is just days away from a court hearing that could determine the fate of her court-ordered conservatorship.

TV OT: Why we knead and love baking shows

As I set up the refreshments table at the "Law & Order: SVU" Emotional Support Group, enjoy this week's TV OT.

'Goliath' final season takes on the opioid industry and more to watch

Billy Bob Thornton stars in the final season of "Goliath," which takes on Big Pharma amid the opioid crisis, "Dear White People" flips the script with a musical twist, and more to watch, all in this week's Pop Life Chronicles.

50 Cent on 'BMF' and why his urban dramas hit

50 Cent knows that there are already complaints about his new Starz series, "BMF."

Sarah Jessica Parker calls loss of 'Sex And The City' co-Star Willie Garson 'unbearable'

Sarah Jessica Parker paid tribute to her late "Sex and the City" co-star Willie Garson on Friday, calling the loss of her friend and colleague "unbearable."

Nonbinary characters like 'Gonzo-rella' are lighting up children's TV and encouraging self-acceptance

Earlier this summer, a new princess giddily square-danced onto the scene. They've got blue fur, a nose shaped like a hook and a thing for chickens. They're a Muppet -- one you've probably known for a while.

Michael K. Williams died of an accidental overdose, medical examiner determines

Actor Michael K. Williams died from "acute intoxication by the combined effects of fentanyl, p-fluorofentanyl, heroin and cocaine," the New York City Medical Examiner's Officer has determined.

Kelly Clarkson releases new Christmas single in September because why not

Kelly Clarkson doesn't need a pesky calendar to tell her to get into the Christmas spirit.

'The Guilty' dials up Jake Gyllenhaal as a 911 operator on a very bad day

If you like Jake Gyllenhaal up close and sweaty, do we have a movie for you.

'Midnight Mass' delivers Netflix a creepy horror series that's a bit too long winded

As is often the case with such fare, "Midnight Mass" begins as a creepy, provocative horror yarn and finally can't deliver on its promise. Created by "The Haunting of Hill House's" Mike Flanagan, the Netflix series deserves praise for its distinctive ambitions and jolting surprises but too often plays like a long-winded sermon, frittering around the edges of its homily.

James Bond is a naval officer. Now Daniel Craig is too

James Bond star Daniel Craig was made an honorary officer of the United Kingdom's Royal Navy on Thursday -- matching his onscreen 007 persona, who holds the rank of commander.

'Foundation' builds Isaac Asimov's novels into a confounding Apple TV+ series

Apple TV+ makes one of the new TV season's biggest bets by turning writer/producer David S. Goyer loose on "Foundation," Isaac Asimov's sweeping and cerebral science fiction novels. The 10-episode first season looks appropriately epic but struggles to tame a centuries-spanning, complex plot that feels lost in space -- dazzling to look at and confounding to follow.

'Dear Evan Hansen' and its Broadway pedigree get lost in translation

Despite its Broadway credentials, "Dear Evan Hansen" hits screens faced with an inherent tension: Can its songs and cast, led by Ben Platt reprising his Tony-winning role, overcome the uncomfortable premise and problematic protagonist? The answer is not completely, despite tweaks seemingly made specifically to try softening those edges.

'Tiger King 2' is coming to Netflix

Get ready all you cool cats and kittens, Netflix has announced "Tiger King 2" is coming coming to the streaming service.

Matthew McConaughey 'measuring' Texas gubernatorial run

Matthew McConaughey is still considering a run for political office.

'The Wonder Years' shines in ABC's reboot of the coming-of-age dramedy

Early '90s TV is hitting the refresh button this fall, in the case of "The Wonder Years," delivering an impressive and ambitious ABC dramedy. Coming on the heels of Disney+'s "Doogie Howser, M.D." reboot, the two shows join the earlier "One Day at a Time" in proving it's possible to nostalgically recycle titles and still produce distinctive and captivating series.

'Doogie Kamealoha, M.D.' has the right formula for a 'Doogie Howser' reboot

If TV reboots are inevitable, the prescription for doing them well involves respecting the source material while bringing something new to it. That delicate procedure is successfully executed with "Doogie Kamealoha, M.D.," a refreshed take on "Doogie Howser" made eminently watchable by the winning presence of "Andi Mack's" Peyton Elizabeth Lee.

'The Eyes of Tammy Faye' isn't as good as Jessica Chastain's performance

The stars outshine the movie in "The Eyes of Tammy Faye," a dazzling showcase for Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield as Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker in a dutiful, somewhat disjointed chronicle of how the televangelists amassed great wealth before his disgraced fall. While it's not a landslide vote, thanks to Chastain's disappearing act, "The Eyes" have it.

'Impeachment: American Crime Story' dissects the Clinton scandal with Monica Lewinsky's input

The "American Crime Story" banner launched by O.J. Simpson's trial is an odd one for FX's "Impeachment," an otherwise engrossing, undeniably juicy limited series that puts the women front and center in the Bill Clinton impeachment scandal. Sarah Paulson's portrayal of Linda Tripp steals the show, but there's no shortage of remarkable work in a production that deserves an Emmy for its prosthetic makeup alone.

See what's streaming in September

A look at some of the series and films streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu and more in September.

'Bob Ross' paints a complex portrait of the artist's life, and the battle that followed it

Add the late PBS painter Bob Ross to the list of youthful memories with a darker side, at least in terms of the messy battle that followed his death. "Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed" won't ruin anyone's childhood, but it does reflect the difficulty of remembering such personalities in pastel-hued colors, especially when green enters the picture.

Your favorite shows return with new episodes soon

The fall TV season is almost here, so what better time to highlight some of television's most-anticipated returns?

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Samsung Smartphone Shipments to Decline in 2015

It is probably safe to say that Samsung is going through a transition period, or is at least repositioning itself. The company streamlined its smartphone output this year and has seen profits increase as a result, recording financial growth for the first time in several quarters. However, that good news is tempered by the fact that Samsung is likely to see a decline in overall smartphone sales for the first time in years.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 coming to Europe in January?

We love the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, it is the best device the company makes and is pretty much a home run from top to bottom. However, when it launched the Note 5 came with a massive disappointment as it was not made available in Europe, and Samsung hasn't made any noise that the device will ever come to the Old Continent.

ZTE Reveals Lease-to-Own Plan for Buying Smartphones

With carriers in the United States slowly starting to turn away from the old model of contracted subsidized phones, it has opened a gap in the market for manufacturers to step into. Apple has done so with its iPhone Upgrade Program and now Chinese company has announced its own similar system.

HTC One A9 Coming with $690 Price Tag?

The HTC One A9 is going to be launched in one week's time and the more we hear about this smartphone the more worried we are. What was first leaked as a bleeding edge handset has since become (via benchmark results) a clear mid-ranger, which in itself is reasonable, even if we do expect more from HTC. The latest news regarding the cost of the One A9 means we are outright concerned about what HTC is playing at.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Definitely not coming Next Week

Xiaomi has scheduled a media event for October 19th, when the company will unveil a new smartphone. First reports suggested that the handset to be launched is the Xiaomi Mi 5 flagship, a handset that is actually a long time in coming. However, the wait will go on as the Mi 5 will not be launched next week at all and there are two reasons for that.

LG is the most Security Minded Android OEM

When we think of mobile security we think of BlackBerry's BB10 or at a push iOS, we rarely consider Android because of the numerous problems the platform has had. Forced to pick the most secure manufacturer on Android we would say Samsung with its robust KNOX security suite, which is pretty spiffing. However, a new research paper out of prestigious Cambridge University in the United Kingdom disagrees.

J.P. Morgan Ditching BlackBerry Handout Program for Employees

Rumors persistently abound that BlackBerry will stop making smartphones soon, but while that is unclear there are some people who will not be getting new handsets from the company. J.P. Morgan reports that its employees will no longer be handed free BlackBerry smartphone, starting in 2016 they will be forced to buy their own.

ASUS Opens Bootloader for ZenFone 2

ASUS has already done a lot of good things with its ZenFone 2 range, not least offering us the chance to have well built, good looking smartphones with interesting specs and an affordable price tag. The company is now looking to get on the good side of Android enthusiasts by issuing a new tool that lets them unlock the bootloader on their ZenFone 2.

Samsung Debuts Tizen Based Z3

Samsung has expanded its own Tizen platform hardware with the release of a new smartphone, the Samsung Z3. Like previous Tizen handsets, the Z3 sports entry level hardware and is targeted for emerging markets, including in India, where the smartphone is landing as an exclusive device. The official launch of the Samsung Z3 today means the Tizen platform now has two smartphones, with the Z1 already available.

Google Exec Praises LG as a Partner

Huawei was the manufacturer of choice for Google's 2015 flagship Nexus 6P, but LG was also on board with the Nexus 5X, a reworked version of the 2014 Nexus 5. It is clear that Google and LG have had a good relationship through the years as this is now the third Nexus device the Korean company has built. Google executive David Burke has now confirmed that indeed the Android giant does prefer working with Korean company LG.

LG Preparing G Pay Mobile Payment System

Mobile payment services are really taking off, and while Apple is leading the way in Apple Pay, Samsung and Google have launched rival services that are already out there. We expect many other smartphone manufacturers to join the party and according to reports today LG will be the next to unveil its own mobile payment system.

Meizu Smartwatch Launching Oct 21

Meizu has had its best year during 2015 and has released numerous new smartphones that have found a solid consumer base and delivered consistent quality. The Chinese company is now ready to branch out into the wearable market and here is an image of the first ever Meizu smartwatch, which is reported to be launched October 21st.

Motorola Force (DROID Turbo 2) Certified in China

The Motorola Force is also the Motorola Kinzie and the Motorola XT1585, while consumers in the United States are probably going to call it the DROID Turbo 2. Whatever the name of this device is, it will almost certainly be a beast, at least judging by the specs that were revealed as the handset passed through China's 3C certification website.

AT&T Rolling Out Extensive LG G4 Update

AT&T is rolling out an over the air update for the LG G4 flagship, but this is not Android Marshmallow or anything to do with Google's platform. That does not mean this upgrade should be ignored as it brings plenty of goodies to the party, albeit under the surface. The second largest carrier in the United States says that the update is available OTA now.

BlackBerry Priv could be Company?s last Smartphone

We are not exactly surprised by reports today suggesting if the BlackBerry Priv is a failure it will be the last smartphone the company ever makes. On one hand it makes sense as BlackBerry's hardware sales have declines to be almost meaningless in the market, but on the other hand we heard this exact same rumor before the launch of the company's last three smartphones.

Editorial: Microsoft Aiming Big, but Industry Backing is Necessary

Microsoft delivered two pretty stellar smartphones at its launch event yesterday, but the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL are already proving that the company's uphill battle against iOS and Android cannot merely be fought on a hardware level. The software plays a huge part and while there is plenty to get excited about surrounding the whole Windows 10 ecosystem, the platform will have to break down barriers to be seen and shout from soap boxes to be heard.

LG V10 Lands in South Korea

The LG V10 really impressed us when we got to grips with it as the company?s launch event last week, a real competitor at the high end/phablet at the end of the market. The frankly tank like handset has been launched in South Korea today (October 8), the first market the device will land before making a global tour, launching in other regions.

Apple Takes Home 90% of all Smartphone Profits During Q2

While we generally try to stay out of the Android vs. iOS or Samsung vs. Apple debate, we have to laugh when people point out that Samsung's superior sales hurt Apple. The laughter is because Apple is cleaning up in just about every aspect, aside from having huge amounts of devices like Samsung does. Indeed, Apple's dominance in individual product sales and income has been highlighted again by a Bloomberg report that shows that Cupertino rakes in 90% of all the profit made by smartphones.

Android Lollipop Takes Up 23.5% of all Android Devices

With Android 6.0 Marshmallow readying for a roll out to devices across the platform, how is its predecessor Android Lollipop fairing in the overall platform landscape? Well, very good as it turns out, which when discussing means as good as can be expected due to the huge fragmentation on the platform.

Samsung Growth Sees $6.3 Billion in Profit through Third Quarter

It's been a tough couple of years for Samsung. While the company has managed to stay at the top of the smartphone market, there have been consecutive quarters of tumbling profits and declining sales. However, the company's third quarter saw the company finally return to growth, and while profit is not as high as it was when Samsung's was at its dominant peak they are hugely encouraging.

Problems with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Randomly Shutting Down

It seems as though some users of the newly launched iPhone 6s (and last year's iPhone 6) are experiencing issues with their new flagship smartphones from Apple. The problem appears to have started post update to iOS 9.0.2 and results in the handset getting all weird and even switching itself off randomly.

Sony Giving 10,000 Customers Android 6.0 Marshmallow Early

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is on the verge of being released on Google's own Nexus and Android One smartphones, with third party OEM's following afterwards. Yesterday Sony announced which of its devices will be getting Marshmallow, likely in 2016, and now owners of two of those handsets have the chance to test the software before its main release.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Up Close

Microsoft's tablet come laptop, the Surface Pro, has had its fourth iteration announced by the company, rocking the new Windows 10 platform. Arguably the best slate on the market, the Surface Pro 4 arrives loaded with impressive hardware, but honestly we still look at this product as an ultrabook more than we do a traditional tablet.

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, Up Close

Microsoft's Windows platform has failed to make an impact on the market duopoly enjoyed by Apple's iOS and of course Google's all-conquering Android. There has been respectable growth for Windows in lower prices ranges for emerging markets, but the lack of flagship hardware has held Microsoft back for some time. That could change with the introduction of the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, both smartphones that were launched today.

Microsoft Lumia 950: Up Close

Microsoft launched two devices running its Windows 10 Mobile platform today, the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL. While the 950 XL is the more spec?d out of the two, it is the Lumia 950 that is Microsoft's flagship, simply because its smaller size will appeal to more people. Despite not being quite as decked out as its larger sibling, the 950 is a potent package and a welcome addition to the Windows platform, which has been bereft of high end quality for too long.

Microsoft Band 2: Up Close

Microsoft had a mega event today where the company discussed numerous new products and some that are reserved for the future. One of the new devices was a sequel to the company's first wearable, the Microsoft Band, but does the follow up bring enough new goodies to the party.

Sony Confirms which Devices will get Android 6.0 Marshmallow

HTC has revealed some of its devices that will be getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and will definitely be getting the upgrade. Now it is the turn of Sony and the Japanese company has released its Android 6.0 roadmap showing all of the smartphones that will be getting the new software from Google.

Apple iPad Pro to comes in November

Since Apple launched the iPad Pro (Apple Pencil and all) at the start of last month, the trail has gone a bit cold for the tablet come laptop wannabe. Cupertino has not said when the device will launch, but a report out of Japan points to an early November launch for the iPad Pro, with the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard landing at the same time.

LG G3 and G4 getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is out in the wild, available on the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, while Google's other Nexus devices will be next in line for the software. After that third party Android manufacturers will begin rolling out Marshmallow, with Motorola and HTC already confirming their devices that will get the upgrade. The latest company to issue its Android 6.0 roadmap is LG, although no specific dates have been released.

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Contraception choices highlighted by Massey researcher on podcast

Health Psychologist Dr Tracy Morison has shared her research on the complexities around contraception choice in an episode of international science podcast, ResearchPod.

Giant Waikato penguin: school kids discover new species

A giant fossilised penguin discovered by Hamilton school children has been revealed as a new species by Massey University researchers.

Story-sharing research project looks at service engagement and unmet needs in healthcare

Wāhi Kōrero, an online platform providing people an anonymous space to share their experiences with the health system, was recently launched by Massey researchers.

MBIE funding awarded to researchers for innovative, cutting-edge projects

Four projects led by Massey University researchers have been awarded more than $12 million in the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's (MBIE) 2021 Endeavour Fund.

She Got the Power

Can pop music promote feminism? Can young women be empowered by female pop music performers?

Can damaged hearts heal themselves?

New research has found measuring a protein that forms to create new blood vessels after a heart attack or unstable angina, and determining the protein's genetics, could potentially help to predict long-term survival, specifically in heart patients.

New research shows children have natural ability to survive, thrive and learn during lockdowns

A new report released today byA RangahauA MātaurangaA o Aotearoa | NZCER andA TeA Kura oA TeA Mātauranga, Institute of Education,A atA Massey UniversityA shows childrenA have a natural abilityA to survive, thriveA and learn during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Alumni funding for breakthrough cancer research

Massey researchers are a step closer to developing breakthrough cancer-starving drugs and have received a $30,000 funding injection for the research project.

Bird's-eye view: new drone technology helps track relocated birds

A PhD student's new drone technology is changing how wildlife is tracked.

Symposium explores stigma and discrimination in COVID-19 response

Has the pandemic response sparked discrimination against ethnic groups in Aotearoa? It is one of the important questions to be explored at a two-day symposium at Massey's Wellington campus.

New research highlights the benefit of injury prevention measures in Māori households

A Massey University study, in collaboration with University of Otago, shows relatively low-cost modifications in homes can prevent 31 per cent of fall injuries.

ACC grant for sprains and strains prevention study

Massey University researchers have been awarded $850,000 from the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) as part of a workplace injury prevention grants programme.

Scholarships for research on ageing, antibiotics and oysters

Ten postgraduate students have been awarded scholarships totalling $68,000 by the Graduate Women Manawatū Charitable Trust for research topics as diverse as age welfare, regenerative tourism, antibiotic resistance and oyster catcher habitats.

New research reports a lack of information on euthanasia for stranded marine mammals

New research on the euthanasia of stranded marine mammals has highlighted the need for increased reporting and improved data collection on the euthanasia of sick, injured or debilitated stranded marine mammals globally.

Southland and West Coast best regions for renters

Massey University's latest Rental Report shows a decline in rental affordability in six of the sixteen regions from last quarter, with Southland and the West Coast of the South Island bucking the trend.

Study to tackle barriers to sport for disabled youth

A Massey University study will investigate the barriers for disabled young people to participate in sport and active recreation.

Workplace Barometer findings highlight four ways organisations can create a healthier workplace

A survey by the Healthy Work Group of more than 1400 people from 21 New Zealand workplaces has found four key features associated with positive outcomes for both employees and organisations.

The public make snap judgements about new technologies

New research shows people stick to fast intuitive judgements about unfamiliar scientific technologies, and that taking more time to form these judgements doesn't change the outcome.

Political affiliations influence health behaviors to combat Covid-19 in the US

New research has found handwashing and mask-wearing in the United States since the 2020 election have decreased among Republicans as a sign of loyalty to outgoing President Donald Trump while these behaviours have increased among Democrats.

Youth focus for first Pacific Doctor of Social Work candidate

Growing up in South Auckland, Jack Scanlan never saw himself as one day being an academic doing pioneering research about the tough community and life experiences that shaped him.

Mystery of ancient burrows older than earliest animals has been solved

Ancient animal burrows in rocks once thought to be 1.2 billion years old have been re-examined, and were likely made 40 to 50 million years ago by crustaceans

Oxygen and water for lunar explorers can be extracted from moon rocks

A device that bakes moon rocks to temperatures above 1000AdegC can efficiently extract water and oxygen from the dirt, which could be helpful for future lunar explorers

Weird hybrid meteorite may be evidence of a chaotic early solar system

Jupiteras early orbit had a wobble that may have flung asteroids from the inner and outer solar system into each other, creating hybrid rocks such as the Nedagolla meteorite that fell in India in 1870

Germanyas new coalition government may boost climate change action

Against a backdrop of climate change protests across German cities, the centre-left Social Democratic party narrowly won the election and now plans to create a coalition to tackle climate change

Parasite evolution is making it harder to detect and treat malaria

In parts of Africa up to 80 per cent of malaria parasites have evolved to evade detection by the rapid tests used to determine if people need treatment

Limiting warming to 1.5AdegC may save billions from tropical storms

Between 2015 and 2100, if the world follows a 1.5AdegC global warming trajectory instead of a 3.1AdegC one it would mean 1.8 billion fewer people will experience a tropical storm in their lifetime

Children with more books at home have less mental decline when older

Older people who had large home libraries as children perform better in memory tests, possibly because early cognitive enrichment helps to buffer the brain

Covid-19 news: Antibodies remain in breast milk months after infection

The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic

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